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Pura Vida Circus Convention

23-27 july 2018
Mostar Bosnia-Herzegovina

We want to unite and bring together a variety of activities in which we can distinguish a good way of living, or elements that in our opinion at least stimulate good life. In general these activities are centered around 6 themes which overlap in some parts.

  • be good in your body. Because a flexible, strong, centered and healthy body is only the reflection of a flexible strong, centered and healthy self.
  • Learning: because if you stop learning you stop growing.. we learn trough workshops with experienced teachers, but also learn sharing and caring between participants, exchanging between cultures and viewpoints, and of course your own guideance which leads you to different backgrounds
  • Teaching: because next to your own process, it's important to pass on experience and inspire others.
  • Playing: Plato said once “ You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation” With this in mind we will play as much as possible troughout the convention
  • Handwork: Because basic doing things with the hands, obtaining a concrete result can be inspiring, or just relaxing for the mind. In Mostar lives the old tradition of copper forging. With basic skills, and a lot of hammer time, these people transform this raw material into the nicest jewelry or decorations.
  • Relaxing: because there are limits too on human curiosity. Thats why we plan to relax, Bath in the pure water of Neretva river, walk the mountains of Ruiste, or just sit and drink a coffee in one of the many coffee bars in the old town of Mostar.
Convention Program

We will have a basic but full program which can be adaptable to the the wishes and desires of the inscribed people. In general its a fix program before midday, and an optional program in the afternoon and evening.

In big lines it goes a bit like this:
Day one to day four:
  • 8-9h: yoga and breathing
  • 9h 10u: breakfast
  • 10-12u basic acro and duo acro/acroyoga workshop
  • 12-13u (hammer time/copper forging- music jam, woodworking (spoon making) screen printing.
  • 13u-15u: Dinner and Siesta-time
  • 15-19u: afternoon activities:
    • different kinds of circus techniques (juggling, head-, and handstands/balance workshop,...
    • rock climbing
    • rhytm and percussion workshop
    • acrobalance/acroyoga
    • Mountain walk with herbalist guide/ make your own..workshop turning herbs and plants into body products. (2 days)
    • Good food workshop
    • rafting Neretva river
Day five:

This is the social part of the convention. We would like to gather 300 kids between 8-16 years to teach them something nice.

10 teachers will lead three workshops in the morning, and three in the afternoon.

150 children from 8-12 come  in the morning and can choose 3 times a different workshop. In the afternoon same story for the 12-16 year olds.

To make everything run smooth these teachers would be happy with some assistance of the convention participants.

Were is mostar and how to get there?
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